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Loaded with meaning, as well as being intensely debated during the twentieth century, it implicates a full range of issues in patriarchal society. Barlow identifies its associations, including international ideas concerning eugenics and self-selection of sexual partners. But even as it suggested new freedoms, it was not a term women evolved to describe themselves.

These and other complex conditions suggest how the subject of women in China is a domestic arena of meaning formation that is closely connected to wider social issues, engaged with social theory broadly speaking, and informed by international debates. Barlow's analysis reminds us that feminist projects are not to be necessarily understood as contained within national or hemispheric viz.

Western boundaries and that their formations are embedded simultaneously in national politics, class formations, historical political geographies, and transnational intellectual developments. An unknown error has occurred.

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The question of women in Chinese feminism

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The Question of Women in Chinese Feminism

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