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Ultrasonic Sludge Density Meter Slurry density measurement in flue gas desulfurization FGD Lime slurry density measurement at the injection site is important for the efficiency of the flue gas cleaning process. Guide To Buying Used Power Plant Equipment or electrostatic precipitators, addition of over fire air for NOx control, installation of flue gas desulphurization units power plant for use as a stationary unit only to find that the circulating water pumps did not have sufficient head to pump water all the way to the power plant.

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After years of development, the flow meter products produced by our company enjoy very high market reputation in China, and has been ventional flue gas desulfurization FGD systems. Whether it be in a swimming pool, or more critical applications such water and wastewater treatment facilities, or clean water applications such as laboratories, food and beverage, HVAC systems or healtcare, this integral two-wire mA pH transmitter can be feed data directly to your Sensaphone device.

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