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As a friend once put it, A good preacher is like an iceberg: you see only 10 percent, but underneath you sense the other 90 percent. What he meant was that the key to effective preaching is the ability to simplify without becoming simplistic. Only a solid understanding of New Testament Greek grammar can give you this ability, and motivating you to continue your Greek studies is one of the main purposes of this book, even if grammar is not your cup of tea.

But enough lecturing. The fact that you either have bought or are thinking about buying this book suggests that you do not need to be sold on the idea of becoming more conversant with Greek grammar. I think it does. In these courses my objective is to teach people how to use Greek effectively in their personal lives and ministries. What makes these courses different, however, is the approach. I also go out of my way to present the principles of grammar in a manner that is lively, challenging, and even fun. I have tried to organize the book in a manner geared to the way people actually use the language, and I have done my utmost to make this book not only accurate but easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

The only prerequisites on your part are a basic knowledge of Greek—and a healthy sense of humor. Having said all this, let me point out quickly that neither this book nor any of the courses on which it is based are meant to be the definitive work on Greek grammar and usage. On the reasonably safe assumption that you are not so inclined, I have focused my attention in this book on those specific grammar and usage issues that are the most relevant to everyday Bible study and sermon preparation—and, just as importantly, on those misconceptions of grammar that can really hurt your preaching and teaching.

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Each of the following chapters tells you something about the nuts and bolts of Greek grammar, how the pieces may be put together and taken apart again, and to what ends. I have put more emphasis in this book on what you should do if you want to use Greek effectively in your ministry and less on why it is grammatically incumbent upon you to do so.

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Yes, many of the guidelines in this book are supported by explanations that involve a grammatical principle. But whenever I have felt the need to clarify a grammatical guideline, I have done my best to keep the explanation brief and to the point— less is more being a fundamental law of writing as well as of teaching and public speaking. In any event, if this book does nothing else, it will give you a better understanding of those grammar and usage standards that most ministers and educated lay people can be expected to subscribe to in the twenty-first century, and it will give you the knowledge and the understanding you need to incorporate those standards into your own ministry.

As you brush up on your Greek, you will not only reacquaint yourself with the enduring significance of the Greek New Testament but also rediscover the indispensable role Greek plays in interpretation and preaching. Once that knowledge is part of your consciousness, I am sure you will find the language of the New Testament a circus ring of excitement as long as you live.

This book offers you and your students a succinct explanation of the most important grammatical constructions and categories of New Testament Greek. As such, it can be used as a textbook for direct instruction. It is intended primarily for those who have finished one year of instruction in Greek, and is thus best suited for the first half of second-year Greek. Dimension: x x Weight in Grams: Seller Inventory V Books ship from the US and Ireland.

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